csv, conf, 15 July, 2014, Kalkscheune, Berlin

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CSV is a conference for data makers. It is a fringe event of the Open Knowledge Festival.

The organizer want to bring together data makers/doers/hackers from backgrounds like science, journalism, open government and the wider software industry to share tools and stories about how they collaborate on data, open and closed, big and small.

It isn’t just about CSVs, but more about what the CSV stands for…

… so why is it called CSV, Conf?

This conference is about all kinds of tools and data – not just CSV ones. They think that  CSV embodies certain important qualities that set the tone for the event:

  • Simplicity: CSV is incredibly simple – perhaps the simplest structured data format there is

  • Openness: the CSV ‘standard’ is well-known and open – free for anyone to use

  • Easy to use: CSV can be used from almost every data tool out there from Excel to Hadoop

  • Hackable: CSV is text-based and can be manipulated from a wide range of standard tools

  • Big or small: files range from KBs to TBs and its line-based nature make it perfect for incremental processing



CSV, Conf is a non-profit community conference run by some folks who really love data and sharing knowledge. If you are as passionate about data you should join them. Here you can get tickets: http://register.csvconf.com/

The conference venue is the Kalkscheune in Central Berlin.

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